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Supply Chain Consultation & Optimization

Strategic insights and enhancements to streamline your supply chain operations.

Kitting Services

Tailored assembly solutions to enhance efficiency in your operations.

Transportation & Logistics Management

Efficient handling of shipping and logistics for dependable product delivery.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Precise inventory control, ensuring product availability at all times.

Order Fulfilment and Distribution

Swift and accurate product delivery to meet your customers' expectations.

Streamlined Kitting for Efficient Operations

Sinnova provides kitting services by compiling the individual parts of a product into a kit and delivering that kit to the production operation team for assembly.

Eliminating wasted time and disorganization by streamlining the entire system. Searching/ Purchasing of parts or preassembly work is no longer necessary as this job is managed by us.

We manage this tedious task in a way that prevents errors, lost or misplaced parts, and general disarray due to volume requirement, allowing for multiple benefits such as smooth operations, reduced purchase orders, reduced administration costs, better utilization of space, faster production cycles, faster response to customer orders, and more…

Our Sourcing Solutions

Streamline Purchase

Streamlining the corporate approval process for purchasing.

Cost-Effective Procurement​

Strong partnerships with distributors, reps, and OEMs offer transparent, cost-effective parts sourcing

One-Time, Emergency, and Unmanaged Category Purchases

Offering services for one-time, emergency, and unmanaged category purchases on behalf of customers.

Reliable Supply and Delivery​

Ensuring reliable supply and delivery to markets and customers, minimizing the need for excess inventory.​

Cost Reduction and Efficiency

Helping clients reduce accounting, administration, and logistics costs.

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